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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Forest flowers [skog blommor] and berry flower

Fragaria vesca, commonly known as woodland strawberry Fraises Des bois, wild (European) strawberry, European strawberry and alpine strawberry

[Smultron eller skogssmultron (Fragaria vesca)] {Wald-Erdbeere} 

Trientalis europaea is a plant in the Primulaceae family, called by the common name chickweed wintergreen or Arctic starflower
[Skogsstjärna eller duvkulla (Trientalis europaea)]

Globe-flower (Trollius europaeus) [Smörbollar (Trollius europaeus)]

Ranunculus acris is one of the more common buttercups across Europe and temperate Eurasia. Common names include meadow buttercup and tall buttercup
[Smörblomma (Ranunculus acris)]

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  1. What an incredible blossom. I am not at all familiar with this plant, but it sounds like one I would like to get to know better.


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