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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New "creek" [with dark water] in the forest

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Vocabulary  [ gloslista ]
new [ny - nytt - nya]
creek [bäck - bäcken - bäckar]
dark [mörk - mörkt - mörka]
water [vatten - vattnet - vatten - vattnen]
forest [skog - skogen - skogar]
photo [bild - bilden - bilder, kort²(foto) - kortet - kort - korten ]
autumn/fall [höst - hösten - höstar]


  1. Oh! Thank you for the vocabulary! I've always been so sad I never took the time to learn Swedish while my grandparents were alive....breaks my heart.

    And these photos, as always, are magical. I can just imagine the smell of the forest. The hush overlayed with the whisperings of the leaves and the water and the creatures moving about.


  2. You're welcome! [varsågod!] Heather

    I will try to write some Swedish words about places of my photos in the Post!

    [Jag ska försöka skriva några svenska ord om platser av mina bilder]


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